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Welcome to our home! We are awarded year after year to be a "CFA Cattery of Excellence," take a tour for yourself and you will know why we are awarded this prestigious award!

Many times people ask, "Where do you keep all of your cats?"  We here at Vasili's think a picture speaks a thousand words and being in the "Show Me State" we show you where "all" of our cats live! Our home is our cattery; our home is 2200 square feet and our cats allow us to live with them in "their" home! Take a look around and see for yourself how ALL of our cats live!  We all live in a clean and healthy environment full of life, love and happiness! All of our cats live in our home as part of our family and this includes our boys! None of our cats live in cages, outbuildings, bathrooms, patios, workshops, pens, enclosures, basements or a garage.  Our home has several cat trees and litter boxes in every room. The boy's room and the nursery have oak screen doors so that no cat at any time feels isolated away from our family.  Here at Vasili's we feel that the quality of life and mental happiness of our cats and kittens is just as important as their care; their happiness is paramount in our hearts and our daily lives!  Our customers continually compliment us on the love and care of our cats and the cleanliness of our home. Our Maine Coons are family!                                                                                                      


Hello, I'm Patty, welcome to our home.  I'm the woman who has the pleasure of beng owned by all of these wonderful creatures!  I hope you enjoy your visit!

Our Living Room, where we all can relax and enjoy the warmth and comforts of our home.

Going up the stairs to our Dinning room and Kitchen.  There is a hallway that leads to the Bedrooms.


Our Kitchen, were we get "a lot" of assistance in everything that we do!  You will notice the, "food bowl line-up!"


Our Den, where we and the cats spend a lot of time watching movies and where many 
"cat naps" take place!  Note the baby monitor on the DVD oak stand, this is so we can watch our kittens while watching a movie.

The Nursery; this is where our girls have their kittens and I spend most of my days.  Our Master bedroom sometimes serves as a second nursery when needed.  If you look close you can see the girls in their crates with their kittens! Once the kittens get older and start leaving the crates we remove the crates. (Food, water and litter boxes are out of view.)

A view of the nursery once the crates are removed.

Our Boys Room! This is where our boys live happily together. There are 5 huge "Molly and Friends" cat trees in their room ranging from 6' tall to 7' tall (two are out of view).  Molly and Friends are the best cat tree a person can buy, they are not cheap but they are heavy and can hold up to the size of our Maine Coons. The boys room is designed just for their comfort and pleasure, part of their room is out of view!  We spend allot of time loving, playing and grooming our boy's each day which they love!  We are proud of how our boys live, where they actually enjoy fresh air yet are safe in our home.  All of our cats live in a clean and natural "home environment!"


Our Master Bedroom.  Our room is also used as a second nursery and you can generally find mothers and kittens in here a lot of the time.  There is a large, open crate on the other side of the bed that the girls use to have their kittens in.
Another angle of our Master Bedroom,  You can see that one of our girls is enjoying the comforts of the cat tree while another is heading to check out her favorite spots, the shower and jacuzzi, to see if there is any water left to play in!
One of the Oak Screen Doors, there is one on the Boy's room and the Nursery.
"A CFA Cattery of Excellence Year after Year!"


August 07, 2019






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