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Many times I am asked, “What is the Maine Coon’s personality like?”  I am going to try to tell you in the most concise and succinct way possible.


Maine Coons are a dog in a cat’s body.  Maine Coon’s have so many endearing qualities to tell them all one would have to write a book.  A few examples are, they follow you everywhere and “always” want to be with their human family. They will walk you to the door when you are leaving for work and they will greet you at the door when you get home from work.  I can’t express enough how much they love their families!  When you sit down you can expect them to either be in your lap or lying by your head on the back of the sofa.  When you go to bed please don’t even consider not taking them with you. If you forget them they will "knock" on your bedroom door to remind you that they are out in the hallway and that you are in the bedroom "without them!"  They love to curl around your head and sleep on your pillow, sometimes they just want to share your bed and stretch out, and yes, they can take up quite a bit of bed space for sure!

Maine Coon’s love to play fetch; it’s one of their favorite games.  They love to chase laser pointers.  They are forever kittens and love to play if it be with a feather toy or just a simple ball of foil. They also love water!  I’ve had several owners of my kittens tell me how their kitten loves to get into the shower when they get out; I’ve had some tell me their cat loves to get into the shower even when they are still in it! I will never forget one of my many wonderful customers called me because she didn't want to post this on Facebook for fear people would think she's crazy!  She said, "Patty, ***** gets in the shower while we are taking a shower and loves it!" (Names are removed out of respect for people's anonymity). I told her not to worry that I've heard this before. Many times my cats will take their catnip mice and put them into their water bowl so they can “fish them out!” They are one cat that truly changes how a person perceives a cat and water, Maine Coons love water!

Maine Coons are wonderful with other pets and children.  I’ve had many a dog owners worry about their Rottweiler or Great Dane hurting their Maine Coon only to find their Maine Coon curled around their dog sleeping soundly.  I’ve had countless people tell me how good their kitten is with their children and how many times the kitten has picked their child to befriend. They are truly gentle cats and if handled with love and care they are soft pawed, meaning they won’t scratch you to pieces.  Now speaking of “scratching” … if you provide them with scratching material in every room you will find they are great to use it!  I know scratching on furniture can be a serious issue for some people, I provide scratching post, trees and corrugated card board scratchers in every room of my home and my cats are great to use them.

In short, if you are looking for a big cat that wants to spend it’s time with you and your family and has the sweetest disposition, then a Maine Coon cat would be the cat for you! Maine Coons, the “Gentle Giants” of the cat world! 


August 07, 2019






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