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Vasil's is closing! All that is left are adult females! Please contact Donna if interested. Info is on all pages! We are  continually awarded year after year with the prestigious award of being a, "CFA Cattery of Excellence!" We are Located in Raymore, Missouri, 64083 USA.



Vasili's continues to offer the highest quality European Maine Coon kittens in the world!  We love those BIG European cats that are muscular in build and are big boned. They have those big, square muzzles and those long tails and gorgeous fur coats ... and of course our famous tall ears with big lynx tips! Our Maine Coons' meet the breed standard from their ear set, profile, eyes, body build, tail length and everything else in a European Maine Coon that makes Vasili's Cattery what it is today! 


We are the home of the "Triple B's ... the Big, the Bold and the Beautiful!"



Hi and thank you for visiting Vasili's (vah-SEE-lee's).  Our home is our cattery and we take great pride and pleasure in our cats and kittens!  Vasili's year after year continues to be awarded by, The Cat Fanciers' Association, to be a "CFA Cattery of Excellence" the highest award a cattery can receive!

Vasili's is a small cattery, our home is our cattery.  We named our cattery after our first breeding male, Vasili, which in Russian means, "Ruler or King."   We are located in the heart of the beautiful Midwest in Raymore, Missouri, approximately 30 minutes South of Kansas City, Missouri.  Our cattery is dual registered with CFA and TICA. We are a "closed cattery" meaning no outside cats are allowed into our cattery or vice versa.  We do not provide outside stud services. 

Effective October 01, 2018 all of our kittens that are sold after this date will come with both CFA registration papers and TICA registration papers. Customers must still follow the contractual agreement that we both have signed. That's right; all of the kitten(s) you get from Vasili's Cattery will be "Dual Registered!"  Here at Vasili's all of our cats, both males and females come from Europe making us a "True European Cattery!"  We are very proud to offer all of our customers the prestige of owning a "100%, dual registered, European Kitten!" 

Vasili's specializes in the big and beautiful European Maine Coon.  We work very hard and are very diligent in maintaining a high standard for our Maine Coon's. We have a very strict criteria that all of our breeding cats must meet; they must be of superior quality yet also possessing exceptional traits and personalities yet maintaining that "European Look." They must also be large cats that exemplify the Maine Coon breed and Standard!  Our kittens come from parents of Champions, Grand Champions and International Grand Champions. Our European cats come to us from the finest catteries in the world; these gorgeous and big cats come to us from Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Russia.  

Our cats and kittens are known for being of large size, superb quality, excellent temperament and standing apart from the average Maine Coon.  All of our kittens have those highly sought after imported European lines! They have excellent form, large size, heavy boning, large paws, long tails, beautiful muzzles, tall ears, long lynx tips and gorgeous coats.  Our customers tell us that our kittens are of exceptional quality and extraordinary personalities! 

All of our kittens comes with a "Kitten Care Package."  All kittens come with a one (1) year health guarantee and are all veterinary checked before leaving our home and going to yours, you will receive a copy of that veterinary check.  We have a "FAQ" page that goes into more detail about our kittens, reserving a kitten, our policies and questions you may have, we encourage you to take the time to read the "FAQ."  Each of our breeding males and females has their own page for you to visit and each page will tell you a little about each one of them; visit "Our Big Boys and Our Big Girls"  to meet them.   

Our customers pick-up their kittens at our home, we feel it is very important for you to see the environment and the love and care our cats and your kitten receives. We do ask our customers to remove their shoes and use hand sanitizer when entering our home, this protocol has been approved and recommended by our veterinarian.  We are proud of how our cats and kittens live and are continually complimented on the cleanliness of our home and the love and care of our cats and kittens.  Our cats, as well as our kittens, are very much loved, played with, fully socialized and part of our family.  We here at Vasili's strive to make the lives of all of our cats and kittens happy, loving and enjoyable. By us being so committed to our cats and kittens you can be assured that when taking one of our kittens home that they will be the kitten that you have always wanted and desired as part of your family.  

All of our breeding cats are tested for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) for the MyBPC3 Mutation by the University of California, Davis, and Veterinary Genetics Laboratory; "Myosin-binding protein C" (abbreviated MyBPC3).  Our cats are negative for FIV and FeLV.  All of our cats and our cattery are parasite free of internal and external parasites.  Our cats are also ELISA tested for the protozoa's Giardia and Coccidia and are also clear of these internal protozoa's; we have the ELISA test results documentation to support this. Our cattery is also ringworm free. 

Now for a little about me, my husband and our gorgeous cats ...  My name is Patty Frazier, I have had and loved cats my entire life. I am absolutely passionate about caring for, breeding, loving and enjoying this wonderful breed they call the," Maine Coon!" I am a retired Security Police Officer; I spent over 31 years working for a Government Contractor maintaining a top security "Q" clearance. When I retired I traded in my handgun for a Poop-Scoop and could not be happier! I love our hobby of breeding Maine Coons and devote my entire day to the love and care of our cats and kittens. I've been married 17 years to my husband, Clifford. Clifford is a very dedicated and very accomplished Mechanical Engineer. Our lives are enriched by having our Maine Coon's and we enjoy enriching the lives of others with our kittens!

While working all of those years I took care of the wild and feral cat population and was dubbed, "The Cat Lady."  Many times I spent countless hours taming and traping these feral cats and taking them to the vet to have them spay and neutered so that we could find them a new, loving and forever home. There were times that we would spay and neutered and released them as they were just to wild to be a pet.  I cannot count how many times we had one of them at the vet’s office having something fixed on them or a surgery performed because they were injured. I could never thank my wonderful husband, Clifford, enough for the support he gave to these cats and me for all of his time and the expense he invested in them. When I retired the men I worked with took over their care, and yes, there were many of these men with guns who loved these cats as much as I did! After retiring I decided I had worked with rescues my entire life and had always had Maine Coon mixes and domestics, I decided I was finally going to get the cat of my dreams, a registered Maine Coon!  So, here I am today, and the rest is history, I'm the proud mom who is ran and owed by the cats and kittens of, "Vasili's Maine Coons'" I am truly living my dream!

We are very proud of our girls and boys here at Vasili's, they have made many families very happy with their gorgeous kittens.  All of our fur-children are an important part of our family; their happiness and care are paramount to us and always come first in our hearts and our daily lives.  We are confident that our kittens will become an important and loving part of your life too.

Please visit our "FAQ's" section for more information about our kittens and on purchasing one of our kittens. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Our goal here at Vasili's is for every kitten to find a forever, loving home and every person to find that special, perfect kitten.


Patty Frazier
Vasili's Maine Coon Cats
Raymore, Missouri, USA

 - Any Questions contact Donna  kittycats68@hotmail.com or call or text 913 406 6011                                      


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Dual Registerd 100% European Kittens


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