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We ask that you please take the time to read through this section.  This page should answer most of your questions and if it does not your calls or emails are welcome.  Patty Frazier 816-318-3878. kittens@vasilismainecooncats.com 


Please Read!

I will never contact a customer by email or phone asking for payments by Gift Cards, Western Union or any other type of payment for the balance of thier kitten.  I only accept PayPal for deposits on kitten(s), PayPal is safe and secure.  I always have customers pay the balance on their kitten in cash only when they come to my home to pick up their kitten.         




One of our gorgeous kittens, our European Big Boy, "Vasili's Mozart," owned by Lesli 

Picture compliments of Lesli Todd, "Portraits by Lesli." http://www.portraitsbylesli.com/


How much are your kittens?

Our kittens prices are listed on the top of each litters page.  All of our kitten have directly imported European lines, both mother and father are 100% European imported from Europe.  All of our kittens are sold as "Pets only."  Pet kittens are kittens sold without breeding rights; this is not an indicator of the quality of the kitten. Kittens are only considered reserved once we receive a deposit; we do not hold kittens under any circumstance. Please DO NOT send a deposit without first speaking with us and we have both agreed on the kitten you will be reserving. Any deposit sent before this time will be refunded.



How do we reserve a kitten from a litter?  

Please take the time to read this section, if you have questions please feel free to email or call, I prefer emails.  I announce information about the kittens when they are two (2) weeks old; at that time I will tell you how many kittens there are in the litter, their sex, color and pattern.

If you are interested in a kitten from a upcoming litter please send an email with some information about your family, job, pets, how long you are away from home, how many children are in the home; their ages, etc.  The more information in the email the better as this helps me to determine who will be the best homes' and fit for one of my kittens, emails may be sent at anytime on any litter. Please provide a working contact phone number. Email me at:  kittens@vasilismainecooncats.com  I'm sorry but oneliner emails for a kitten will not get a response.  After going through the emails I will select the people whom I think would be the best fit for one of my kittens from one of my litters.

Pictures are taken of each litter when the kittens are between 7-8 weeks old "only." I will post their pictures and call the people who have been selected for a kitten. I do not take phone calls at this time as I am busy calling those people who have sent an email first;  this generally takes an hour or two.  After I have finished calling people I will put at the top of the page that the kittens are all reserved or what kittens are still available, at that time I will take phone calls if there are available kittens. 

PLEASE READ: Once a buyer has selected a kitten their deposit is not transferable and does not roll over to another kitten, another day or time, or litter.  We expect buyers to pick-up their kitten on the specified weekend posted and the time that was agreed upon when reserving their kitten.  If the buyer cannot pick-up their kitten on the posted weekend, please DO NOT reserve a kitten or to pickup their kitten on another day or time. We expect buyers to pick-up their kitten on the scheduled weekend day and time they specified.  If the buyer does not pick-up their kitten on their scheduled appointment day the buyer will forfeit their deposit and the kitten will be made available for sale to another buyer, NO EXCEPTIONS!      



What is required to reserve a kitten?

Kittens are reserved with a $300 deposit, deposits and payments are non-refundable.  The deposit is credited toward the price of the kitten. We accept PayPal for deposits only; PayPal is linked on the last tab of our website.  Deposits must be received before a kitten is considered reserved.  When picking up your kitten the remaining balance is due in "Cash Only", we will accept no other forms of payment at that time. 



Do you accept deposits in advance on unborn kittens or keep a waiting list?

We do not accept deposits in advance on unborn kittens.  Due to the high volume of emails and request we receive daily we do not keep a waiting list for our kittens. Our website is updated daily and throughout the day if there are any changes so all information is always current.



 My kittens will be "Dual Registered?"

Yes, Effective October 01, 2018 all of our kittens that are sold after this date will come with both CFA registration papers and TICA registration papers  Customers must still follow the contractual agreement that we have both signed. That's right; all of the kitten(s) you get from Vasili's Cattery will be "Dual Registered!"  Here at Vasili's all of our cats, both males and females come from Europe making us a "True"European Cattery!" We are very proud to offer all of our customers the prestige of owning a 100%, dual registered, European Kitten! 



What do you feed your cats and kittens?

Please visit our page, "Cat Nutrition"   http://www.vasilismainecooncats.com/cat-nutrition.html  for the foods that we feed our adult cats and our kittens



.May we come see your kittens and cats and visit your home?

No, we are sorry.  Since our home is our cattery we do not allow casual visits or cattery tours.  We do not allow people into the kitten's nursery or into our boys room. Buyers can easily see both the kittens and our boys through our screen doors on their rooms. The girls have free roam of our home.  This protocol is advised and supported by our veterinarian.  When the kittens are 10-11 weeks old we do have people pick-up their kitten at our home, at that time people are allowed to handle their kitten only.



At what location will we pick-up our kitten?

We have buyer's pickup their kitten at our home located in Raymore, Missouri.  Since our cattery is our home we do ask you to limit the number of people that come with you to no more than four (4) total when picking up your kitten(s). When picking up your kitten we do ask buyers to remove their shoes before coming into our home and we have hand sanitizer available that we ask you to use. This practice is recommended and approved by our veterinarian. This protocol is in place as a preventative measure for the health and protection of our cats and kittens; by doing this it allows our customers to pick up their kitten at our home.

Please remember to bring a carrier for transporting your kitten.  Kittens are not allowed to leave without being confined in a carrier for their protection.  We will also provide you with a "Kitten Care Package" containing a new 2 pound bag of the dry food and 2 of the canned food they have been eating, along with a few other items for your kitten's entertainment and enjoyment. 

Please remember we only accept cash at the time of picking up your kitten, no other form of payment will be accepted at that time.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact, Patty Frazier 816-318-3878. (This number does not receive text messages) 



When do you wean your kittens and when are they are ready for their new homes?

We allow our kittens to go to their new homes between 10 and 12 weeks of age, age will depend on how well the kitten is doing as some kittens wean slower than others and some faster.  Mother cats will nurse their kittens until they are 8 weeks old, at that time is when we will wean our kittens. By this age they are eating canned food and dry food and it is safe to wean them.  We do not allow our kittens to leave earlier than 10 weeks because they learn many skills from their siblings and their mother; it also allows them to be become more confident kittens.  



Do you spay or neuter your kittens before leaving?

No, it is the buyer responsibility to have their kitten spay or neutered by 6 months of age. 



Do your kittens come with their CFA registration paper?  PLEASE READ! 
The buyer will receive the kittens CFA Breeder Slip registration paper once the buyer has provided the seller with a copy of the 'Veterinarian's Invoice" of the spay/neuter from a licensed veterinarian that shows the kitten has been spay or neutered by six (6) months of age, we do not accept any other form of proof of spay or neuter.  If the buyer has not had the kitten spay or neutered by six (6) months of age the buyer will forfeit the kittens CFA registration papers as stated per our contract agreement, section 4.  Documentation may be sent via email or USPS.  Once we receive this documentation we will mail the kittens CFA Breeders Slip registration paper to the new owner within 24 hours. Spaying and neutering are the responsibility of the new owner.



Why do we have to spay or neuter our kitten by 6 months old? 


The Maine Coon breed is a large cat and they reach a larger size and maturity at a younger age than the average cat.  Female cats go into estrus (heat) by their weight not their age.  *Female cats can go into estrus and reproduce when they reach 5.5 pounds and males can reproduce when they reach 7.5 pounds.*  All of our kittens are well over these weights by 6 months of age.  Females that are left to cycle in and out of estrus can develop a life threatening infection of the uterus called, "Pyometra."  Females developing Pyometra require an emergency spay.  Pyometra can be difficult to detect and if left untreated or undetected will result in the death of your female kitten.  Pyometra is caused by an imbalance of hormones in the uterus, this happens from the female cat cycling in and out of estrus and not being bred.  Many male kittens can start to spray and reproduce by 6 months of age.  At 6 months old many females can be bred and have kittens themselves.  For these reasons we require that all of our pet kittens be spay or neutered by 6 months of age for their health and safety and to prevent reproduction, no exceptions. 



How do we know if a kitten is available?                 

Any kitten that has not been reserved will be marked as "Available" in green under their picture. A deposit is required to reserve a kitten; we do "not" hold kittens.



Do you ship your kittens?

No,due to new USDA regulations that were implemented regarding the sale and purchase of any pet sight unseen we do "not" ship our kittens. We require that all of our kittens be picked up at our home in Raymore, Missouri, on either the Saturday or Sunday that is posted for that particular litter..

Buyers have the option of flying into MCI (Kansas City International) airport, renting a car and driving to our home to pick-up their kitten(s) they will need a soft sided "Sherpa" carrier for their kitten to travel back to the buyer's home. We do not meet buyers at the airport. Here are a couple of airlines that allow pets to fly in cabin:

Southwest Airline Information: https://www.southwest.com/html/customer-service/traveling-with-animals/pets/index-pol.html?clk=GFOOTER-CUSTOMER-PET


United Airline Information: https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/animals/in_cabin.aspx



When do we pick-up our kitten? 

Kittens are ready for their new homes by 10 weeks of age.  We will schedule a specific weekend pick-up time for the kittens. At the time you reserve your kitten we will ask you which day, Saturday or Sunday and time that you will want to pick up your kitten. We ask that you plan to pick up your kitten on that weekend and schedule a time with us.  



Do you have a contract for your kittens?

Yes, we do have a contract and it is required for all kitten sales.  The provisions of the contract are designed to protect the kitten being purchased, the buyer and Vasili's Cattery. The contract is available upon request 



Do you sell breeding rights on your kittens?

We do "not" sell kittens with breeding rights.  All kittens come with a spay and/or neuter agreement in our contract.



Do you allow your kittens to be declawed?

No, this is also stated in our contract section 7-C, "The kitten will not be declawed by any type of procedure." 

Declawing involves ten separate amputations of the distal phalanx, which is comparable to amputating the last joint of the human finger. Declawing also changes how a cat carries their weight; many develop problems because of it. Declawing is also one of the main reasons cats stop using litter boxes  Declawing is consider a mutilation of the cat’s paw in other countries and is not allowed; the USA is the one of the only countries that still allow this horrific procedure, it is not permitted in Europe.



What does it mean to be a "CFA Cattery of Excellence?"

The "CFA Cattery of Excellence" is an award given only to those catteries that exceed the best quality, living environment and care for their cats. To receive this award the cattery must be inspected by a licensed veterinarian to ensure that the cattery meets the stringent requirements to receive this prestigious award.  The veterinarian must submit to CFA the documents with all of the pertinent information and inspection of the cattery, CFA then makes their determination if the cattery qualifies. 

Vasili's is proud to announce that we have received and continue being a, "CFA Cattery of Excellence!"  Vasili's year after year continually receives the highest ratings, a 4 out of 4, in every category. We proudly display our Certificate of Excellence on our wall for our customers to see! Even though CFA does allow for cats and kittens to be caged and still receive a "CFA Cattery of Excellence" we here at Vasili's do not use or condone the use of cages; our rating is based strictly on the excellent and clean and loving home environment that all of our cats and kittens live! We are committed to continually provide our cats and kittens with the best, most loving and cleanest living environment that continues to promote well adjusted, healthy, loving and well socialized cats and kittens!  Here at Vasili's our Maine Coons are family!

It is always recommended to go to the home/cattery where you are going to pick-up your kitten. This way you can see for yourself firsthand exactly how all of the cats live. Any and all reputable breeders will have no problem with you picking up your kitten at their home; most, like myself, are proud of how our cats live and want our customers to see our cats firsthand, anything less, "Buyer Beware!"  



Are your cats tested for the HCM, the MyBPC3 Mutation? 
All of our breeding cats are tested for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) for the MyBPC3 Mutation by the University of California, Davis, and Veterinary Genetics Laboratory; "Myosin-binding protein C" (abbreviated MYBPC3). 



Are your kittens checked by a licensed veterinarian and come with a health certificate before going to their new homes?

Yes, having your kitten veterinarian checked before they go to your home is very important!  All reputable and responsible breeders will have their kittens checked by a licensed veterinarian and provide you with documentation of this health check.  Our kittens come with a Health Certificate and are checked for heart murmurs, hernia's, physical abnormalities, pattellar luxation and their overall health and condition.



Will my kitten need his or her vaccinations?

Vaccinations are standard practice here at Vasili's.  Before leaving our cattery all kittens will receive their first core vaccination shot at 8 weeks old with Nobivac (formerly Eclipse 3) which covers Rhinotrachetis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia. Nobivac recommends the second vacination be given 3-4 weeks later and does not recommend a third vaccination.  

Kittens will be dewormed as a precautionary measure with a one time wormer, Drontal. All kittens are also FeLV and FIV negative at the time of leaving our cattery.  It is the new owner's responsibility to finish the kittens remaining booster shots and rabies shot. Rabies vaccine may be given after the kitten is 12 weeks old.  All kittens are veterinarian checked before leaving our home and going to yours, all kittens come with a copy of that veterinarian record. 


How big do Maine Coons get? 

Through selective breeding and importing those "Extra Large" European Maine Coons most all of our kittens have easily exceeded the below standards by the time they reach maturity.  Maine Coons take 3 years to reach their full size and 5 years for their full looks.  Once they reaches 3 years old you can expect that you cat is as large as it is going to get.  

The information below is quoted per TICA (The International Cat Association) and CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) the world's two largest cat associations and what is considered to be the average size of Maine Coons at maturity.

 Per TICA:

"Maine Coons male cats, at maturity, can average 13-18 lbs. Maine Coon female cats average 9-13 lbs"

Per CFA:

"The males average around 12 to 15 pounds, with some going 20 pounds or more. The females are smaller, averaging 9 to 12 pounds."



How many states are "Vasili's Maine Coon's" located?

Vasili's has kittens located in every state in the United States, including Alaska and Canada!  We have had request for our kittens from all over the world, Poland, Germany, Indonesia, China, Russia, England and Denmark, but since our policy is that we do not ship our kittens we have kindly declined the other countries request.  The people in the USA fly to our home to get their kitten(s) and yes, this includes our customers in Alaska and Canada!  Vasili's is very flattered that we have so many new customers and repeat customers that they have found joy and pleasure in owning one of our magnificent kittens that a mere "thank you" does not seem like enough!


August 07, 2019






Dual Registerd 100% European Kittens


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