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All of our kittens have directly imported, large European lines!  All kittens are sold as "Pets only."  We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve a kitten, the deposit is applied to the kitten's balance. There is a $15 PayaPal fee applied to the deposit making the deposit total $515.  We will post litter information when the kittens are two weeks old; at that time we will tell you how many kittens there are, their sex, color and pattern. We will post pictures of the kittens when they are around seven to eight weeks old, at that time the kittens will be available for reservations; it is best to watch the website for daily updates. Kittens are veterinarian checked before leaving for their new home, buyers will be provided a copy of the health certificate. Please refer to our "FAQ" section for additional information on reserving a kitten. Email kittens@vasilismainecooncats.com or call, Patty Frazier 816-318-3878.  Emails are the preferred type of communication.
Effective October 01, 2018 all of our kittens that are sold after this date will come with both CFA registration papers and TICA registration papers. Customers must still follow the contractual agreement.  That's right; all of the kittens you get from Vasili's Cattery will be "Dual Registered!"  Here at Vasili's all of our cats, both males and females, come from Europe making us a "True European Cattery!" We are very proud to offer all of our customers the prestige of owning a "100%, dual registered, European Kitten!" We know of no other cattery that offers "Dual Registered European Kittens!" 


Females are $2500 and Males are $3500


Esmeralda's kittens have arrived!

Both kittens have been sold.


  Vasili's will be closing. All adult cats are for sale.   




These kittens are 100% European.  Esmeralda is from Russia and Byron is from Russia. These kittens are also "dual registered!"  

For those interested in a cat please send me an email with information about your family, work schedule and pets. Any questions please call, Donna Stewart 913 406 6011 Thank you!

  Email request to:kittycats68@hotmail.com






How do we reserve a kitten from a litter?  (Off of the FAQ page) 

Please take the time to read this section, if you have questions please feel free to email or call, I prefer emails.  I announce information about the kittens when they are two (2) weeks old; at that time I will tell you how many kittens there are in the litter, their sex, color and pattern.

If you are interested in a kitten from a upcoming litter please send an email with some information about your family, job, pets, how long you are away from home, how many children are in the home; their ages, etc.  The more information in the email the better as this helps me to determine who will be the best homes' and fit for one of my kittens, emails may be sent at anytime on any litter. Please provide a working contact phone number. Email me at:  kittens@vasilismainecooncats.com  I'm sorry but oneliner emails for a kitten will not get a response.  After going through the emails I will select the people whom I think would be the best fit for one of my kittens from one of my litters.

Pictures are taken of each litter when the kittens are between 7-8 weeks old "only." I will post their pictures and call the people who have been selected for a kitten. I do not take phone calls at this time as I am busy calling those people who have sent an email first;  this generally takes an hour or two.  After I have finished calling people I will put at the top of the page that the kittens are all reserved or what kittens are still available, at that time I will take phone calls if there are available kittens. 

PLEASE READ: Once a buyer has selected a kitten their deposit is not transferable and does not roll over to another kitten, another day or time, or litter.  We expect buyers to pick-up their kitten on the specified weekend posted and the time that was agreed upon when reserving their kitten.  If the buyer cannot pick-up their kitten on the posted weekend, please DO NOT reserve a kitten or to pickup their kitten on another day or time. We expect buyers to pick-up their kitten on the scheduled weekend day and time they specified.  If the buyer does not pick-up their kitten on their scheduled appointment day the buyer will forfeit their deposit and the kitten will be made available for sale to another buyer, NO EXCEPTIONS!  


August 07, 2019






Dual Registerd 100% European Kittens


Patty Frazier 816-318-3878

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