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All of our kittens have directly imported, large European lines!  All kittens are sold as "Pets only." Our Male kittens sell for $2500 each and our Females kittens sell for $2200 each.  We require a $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve a kitten, the deposit is applied to the kitten's balance. There is a $12 PayaPal fee applied to the deposit making the deposit total $312.  We will post litter information when the kittens are two weeks old; at that time we will tell you how many kittens there are, their sex, color and pattern. We will post pictures of the kittens when they are around seven to eight weeks old, at that time the kittens will be available for reservations; it is best to watch the website for daily updates. Kittens are veterinarian checked before leaving for their new home, buyers will be provided a copy of the health certificate. Please refer to our "FAQ" section for additional information on reserving a kitten. Email kittens@vasilismainecooncats.com or call, Patty Frazier 816-318-3878.

 Our Male kittens sell for $2500 each and our Females kittens sell for $2200 each.                 



These are plans we have for this coming Summer and Fall.

(Pairings are subject to change)

Esmeralda and Maxas 
This pairing can produce Red Males and Females.  They can also produce Brown Patched Tabbies Females and Brown Classic Tabbies.
Brianna and Watson
This pairing can produce Silver Classic or Mackerel Tabbies, Silver Patched Tabbies Females, Brown Patched Tabby Females or Brown Classic or Mackerel Tabbies. 
Elosia and Acosta  
This pairing can produce Black and Silver Males and Females.  It can also produce Silver Patched Tabby Females.
Octavia and Byron
This pairing can produce Brown Classic Male and Females, Red Males and Brown Patched Tabby Females. Some kittens will have white bibs and paws. 
Here is where "Meow" means:











April 21, 2018






Patty Frazier 816-318-3878

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