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Effective October 01, 2018 all of our kittens that are sold after this date will come with both CFA registration papers and TICA registration papers. Customers must still follow the contractual agreement.  That's right; all of the kittens you get from Vasili's Cattery will be "Dual Registered!"  Here at Vasili's all of our cats, both males and females, come from Europe making us a "True European Cattery!" We are very proud to offer all of our customers the prestige of owning a "100%, dual registered, European Kitten!" We know of no other cattery that offers "Dual Registered European Kittens!" 


Our Male kitten's sell for $3000 and our Female kitten's sell for $2800



Elosia's Kittens have arrived!

Friday, April 12, 2019

We will post what she had in 2 (two) weeks on 4-26-19.  At that time we will tell you the sex, colors and how many she had.

Pictures of each kitten will be posted when the kittens are between 7-8 weeks old, at that time is when kittens are available for reservation. Kittens go to their forever homes around 10 weeks old. 




*For those interested in a kitten please send me an email with information about your family, work schedule and pets. Thank you!*

  Email request to:kittens@vasilismainecooncats.com


Elosia is from Russia and Acosta is from Germany.

Our girls come from Europe, they do NOT come from our cattery, our boys also come from Europe making our kittens...

Truly 100% European Kittens!




April 18, 2019






Dual Registerd 100% European Kittens


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