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"DE* Langstteich's Acosta of Vasili's" 

Acosta comes to us from Germany!

Vasili's would like to introduce to you, Acosta!  Acosta comes to us directly from Germany.  Acosta is dual registered with CFA and TICA here in the USA and also registered with CFG in Germany.  Acosta is very sweet and gentle.  He is a very big and beautiful Black and Silver Classic Tabby.  Acosta has that forever sought after,"Wild and Feral" look that is so desireable and hard to find!  He has exceptionally tall, perfect set ears with wonderful full lynx tips.  He has a broad, square muzzle and a beautiful profile with gorgeous "piercing" eyes!  Needless to say we are very proud of our big and unique "Wild Boy!" Acosta truly has it all and he sires huge, awesome kittens that are truly gorgeous!





Updated: January 23, 2018




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