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  "Did someone say, "Big Cats?"   


Below are a few examples of the European kittens that have come out of Vasili's Cattery!

We cannot guarantee what size any of our kittens will turn out to be as they mature; these are just a few examples of our kittens that have been sent to us by our customers.


(Moving from Left to Right for Pictures)

To the left is, "Vasili's Max!"  Max is 6 months old in this picture and yes, he still has a lot of growing left to do!  Max lives in Arizona with his wonderful mom, Joanne and family!  Max is being held by his vet tech who absolutely adores him!

Second in line is "Vasili's Fritz!"  He's another one of our Big Boys! Fritz is owned by our vet, Dr. Andrea Kennedy! 

Next is "Vasili's Jasper" and he is already a whopper of a BIG boy at 1 year old and still has more growing to do!  He lives with his wonderful family, Terry, Nanette and Savannah, in Texas.

 Next is, "Vasili's Koshka", she is 1 year old in this picture and 20 lbs and yes, she too still has a lot of growing left to do, the last time I was told Koshka is now 22 lbs!  Koshka lives with her wonderful mom, Tracy and family in Georgia!

 And the last picture is of "Vasili's Harley!" Harely is being held by her mom, Sheri, who lives in Virginia.  Harley is 1 year old in this picture and still has a lot of growing left to do.  Harley is another one of Vasili's "Big Girls!"


These are actual photos, none of the pictures have been photoshopped or tampered with, they are actual photos that our customers have sent to us of our kittens as they matured.

 Please note not all of our cats reach this size.



Being in Missouri, the "Show Me State," we feel this is a good philosophy to go by, "If you see it with your own two eyes then you can believe it ... Show me!" So we do just that!

Here at Vasili's all of our cat and our kittens live and are rasied in our home, we are not a kitten mill that produces 5-6-7 and 8 litters of kittens at one time. Rest assured, we here at Vasili's have 1-2 litters at most at one time so that we can give each kitten that special, individual attention that each kitten needs and requires to make it a high quality and loving pet for your family.  I am fortunate as I am retired and devote my entire day to the love and care of our kittens. By us being so committed to our kittens you can be assured you are getting a loving and playful kitten from a loving home, one that will be a well adjusted family pet from the beginning when you take it home.

We open our home to our customers for picking up their kitten so that they can see firsthand how our cats live and are loved and cared for!  Coming to our home also gives our customers the opportunity to see the size of our magnificent cats!  We feel it is important as honest and ethical breeders to provide our customers the opportunity to see all of our cats, this way you know with certainty how all of our cats live, the love they constantly receive and the cleanliness of our home. Plus you will not only see their size, you will see their superior quality and their wonderful temperments firsthand!  We feel it is important when purchasing a kitten to get an idea of what to expect your kitten to look like when mature, this is another reason we give you the opportunity to see the parents, they are a good guide to go by.  This also allows our customers to see the the breeders knowledge of the breed, the years of experience in breeding superior quality kittens and the openness in answering any of your questions.  We here at Vasilis don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk!

Please Note:  We do ask our customers when coming into our home to remove their shoes and to use hand sanitizer that we have available. Since our cattery is also our home we ask that no more than four (4) people come to pick-up their kitten(s).  We are fortunate as we have a Medical Doctor (MD-Brother) and Registered Nurses (RN's - Sister-in-law and Aunt) in our immediate family to draw on for their expert advice. This protocol has also been approved and recommended by our veterinarian who owns her own practice. We have followed this protocol for years with absolutely no health issues, risk or problems for our cats or kittens. By following this protocol allows our customers to pick-up their kitten at our home.  

We specialize in the European Maine Coon and produce superior quality, beautiful cats and kittens that all have directly imported European lines.  We have cats that “walk on the wild side” that have the true wild and feral look!  Our cats and kittens are known for being of large size, having tall ears, big lynx tips, long tails, excellent personalities and wonderful form. We have colors from the European Dark Brown and Black Tabby, to the Black and Sliver Tabbies, Red Male Tabbies, Blue Tabbies, Solid Blacks, Black Smokes, Silver Tabbies and Brown Patched Tabbies.  Our beautiful cats come to us directly from Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

Vasili's is an "In home" cattery, meaning all of our cats live in our home! We are inspected by a licensed veterinarian every year and are awarded by CFA to be a "CFA Cattery of Excellence!" The Cat Fanciers' Association is the largest registry for pedigreed cats in the world! The best and most valued inspection we receive is from our customers when they come to our home; we are continually complimented on the cleanliness of our home and the superior love and care we give our cats and kittens! We do not cage any of our cats. None of our cats are treated as livestock that live in out-buildings, workshops or sheds. All of our cats, including our males, live in our home as valued family members where they enjoy the comforts of our home, constant love and attention and the care that they need both physically and emotionally! Our girls have free run of our home and spend most of their time on our laps soaking up as much love and affection as they can!  Our boys are family pets, and since they live in our home as part of our family, they do not fight or spray like males that are kept outdoors that feel the need to mark their territory and have become more feral and anxious. We have heard many, many times, "Your house doesn't smell, your boys don't smell as a matter of fact, your house smells good!" Our cats are beloved and valued family members that live in our home and are treated as the family members that they are.  We think "A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words" so we post pictures of all of our cats and it's easy to see by their photographs that they live in the comforts of our home and not sleeping and sitting on a cold, concrete floor confined to a wire pen, with no cat trees to sit and play on or any type of mental stimulation. Wire pens and concrete floors are how livestock is treated, not a beloved, family pet!

Being responsible breeders, we plan and witness every mating and know when each one of our litters is due to arrive; kittens are born between 63 and 70 days after conception. It is important to be with the Queen during delivery of her kittens so if there are any complications she has our support.  We have baby monitors set up to watch our new mothers and their kittens 24/7. Being retired, I am fortunate to be with our cats and kittens all day long, I actually help deliver each individual kitten (even in the middle of the night); our girls love having me with them and will call for me if I leave even for a moment.  Our kittens are handled and loved from the time they are born until they leave our home and go to yours at 10-12 weeks of age. This is an easy pleasure for me and it is not uncommon for me to spend the entire day with our kittens lavishing them with love, attention and affection ... they are truly my love and my passion and my commitment!  By us being so committed to our cats and kittens you will know with certainty that you are getting a kitten that is loving and socialized when taking them home; As one of our customers put it: "I still can't believe how social she is in just 2 days with us, I've never seen this before!"

Our nursery and our boy’s room have oak screen doors so that no cat or kitten ever feels isolated away from our family.  We do not take anyone into the boy’s room or the nursery but you can easily see them through the screen doors and most of the time the boys are always eagerly waiting at the door to greet their new admirers!  We invite you to visit our page, “Our Home,” we have posted pictures of every room in our home; the pictures are everyday pictures of our cats and how we all live as one big happy family!

Our kittens and cats are fed a premium, grain free cat and kitten all life stages food, "Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Grain-Free Game Bird Recipe," which is left available 24/7. Our kittens are also started off eating the premium canned food, "Wellness Core Grain Free Kitten Formula" they start eating this around 4-5 weeks old.  In Elizabeth M. Hodgkin's, D.V.M.; Esq. book, "Your Cat, Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life."  Dr. Hodgkin's goes into detail on how bad grain laden foods are for cats. An excellent example of poor quality grains in foods is the cheap filler, corn; causing diabetes, obesity and a array of other health issues.

Since food is so important for the health and development of your kitten we purchase and provide our customers with a 2 pound bag of the premium, grain free food, "Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Grain-Free Game Bird Recipe all Lifestage" with each kitten you purchase.

We wean our kittens at 8 weeks old and then administer their first set of vaccinations, Nobivac. Depending on how old the kittens is when it leaves our home they will have either 1 or 2 of their core vacinations, the remaining vaccination(s) are the buyer’s responsibility, kittens are vacinated at 8, 11 and 15 weeks of age.  We do not use any type of flea topical on our cats or our kittens. In over 45 years of owning cats I have "never" had a single flea, our cats are not let outside or kept outside, a flea topical is recommended for cats/pets that are kept outdoors or let outside. Since we do ELISA test all of our cats and know with certainty that none of our cats have any type of intestinal parasite or the protozoa's, Giardia or Coccidia, we only deworm our kittens once as a precautionary measure with "Drontal" a onetime wormer.  We do offer a 1 year health guarantee on our kittens; the contract is available upon request.

As a breeder it is important that our customers know they are getting a healthy kitten. All responsible and reputable breeders will have their kittens veterinary checked before letting their kittens go to their new homes and they should provide you with a copy of that veterinary check! 

We will also provide you with a "Kitten Care Package" containing a new 2 pound, unopenned bag of the premium food, "Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Grain Free Hasen Duckenpfeffer Dry All Lifestage Cat and Kitten Food" it is a all life stage food meaning you can feed it from when they are a kitten until they are old kitties....Humm...Maybe that's why we grow them so big here at Vasili's!  LOL Yoour kitten will also come with  a few other items for your kittens entertainment. If you should have any questions always feel free to contact us!


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